Video Premiere: The Pierce Kingans - It's Bleed Too Long

When Vancouver’s Pierce Kingan isn’t busy playing in The Prettys and The Orange Kyte, he is working on his solo project called The Pierce Kingans. This project has been around for a long time and seemed like a way for Kingan to pound out unconventional ideas and play tunes that don’t work for his other bands. His bandcamp page has over 30 releases going back to 2012. With all that material, it appears as though his forthcoming EP is the beginning of a new chapter with this project. The EP is called A Pierce Of Cake and it moves away from his lo-fi, bedroom pop sounds and turns up the indie-rock dial while holding onto some of the strangeness that was so charming from past efforts. We are pleased to present to you the video for “It’s Bleed Too Long” which was directed by Kevin Mnz.

A Pierce Of Cake is set for release on March 8 via Boat Dreams For A Hill Records.