Video Premiere: ygretz - Air

The Cups N Cakes Network is proud to debut the music video for “Air” off of the new ygretz album, Mel Wide. This record was featured as one of our Quick Picks on June 21st. The song features a laidback, musing vocal overtop of a patiently strummed electric guitar and synthesizer pads. The video matches the chic and sophisticated tone of the song with a throwback to the department store aesthetic; most of the visuals in the video look like they could be pulled directly out of a Sears or Hudson’s Bay catalog in the late 50’s.

In the ygretz’ words: “The song ‘Air’ is about coming out of your den after a long winters sleep. It's about self-soothing, healing, finding a shell and learning when to leave it. It's also about changing and maturing and shedding skin."

Check out the video, and make sure to listen to Mel Wide in it’s entirety; it’s the culmination of a series of excellent singles, and the band is well worth keeping an eye on.