KIM GRAY/Sauna/ygretz/Paige Drobot

KIM GRAY - Plastic Memory

Plastic Memory is the third full length release from Vancouver’s, Kim Gray and it is a slight departure from previous releases that were dominated by guitars. The dreamy synths found throughout give it a light hearted feel that is carried by a positive perspective of ones surroundings.

Sauna - EP

Sauna is already an attention grabber, being made up from members of Toronto’s Fake Palms, Weaves and Greys. Now that you are paying attention, go grab your dancing shoes because this six song EP is hot with the friction created by driving, disco bass lines and keys that will kill your self awareness. 

ygretz - Mel Wide

Quitting school and a full-time job to focus on music is most likely not what your parents want to hear, but that’s what ygretz did. The result was Mel Wide, a DIY debut full length that is teaming with cool confidence and songwriting skills that shine through subtle arrangements of electronic drums and varied instrumentation.

Paige Drobot - Zero Thought

Zero Thought is the debut EP from Winnipeg’s, Paige Drobot who gives in to the artistic forces that surround her to find inspiration. The tracks gently swell from the start, gaining momentum as they move along, until you are so stuck in the groove and her gravelly voice that you can’t get out.

- Jeshaiah David