Sled Island Edition #3

36? - Milk Mountain

Award winning Calgary band, 36? take their listeners on a trip with their newest album, Milk Mountain. It is an imaginative grouping of songs that prove the journey is usually half the fun. Join them at Sled Island this year for what is sure to be a memorable ride.

Silvering - Minefield Memory

Navigate through the treacherous times with Silvering’s debut EP Minefield Memory where lead singer Shalom Toy’s voice drips with heartache. The Calgary band charts a course with sad and contemplative songs that weave through rain-soaked sidewalks in search of a place to call home.

Nice Apple - This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting 

Take a big juicy bite into This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting, released on May 23rd by Vancouver’s Nice Apple. This album will give you a real lift, inducing that carefree summer feeling with songs that bounce. Don’t miss them at this years Sled Island when they are good and ripe. 

Polly Dactic - Half Nermal EP

I usually find that new wave music puts off an aura of a dystopian-future and Polly Dactic’s long awaited Half Nermal EP does just that. These Calgary locals really incite discomfort at times, thrusting their audience into a dark and crumbling super-modern world where danger is lurking around every corner. 

- Jeshaiah David