Sled Island Edition #2

Anybodys - Necessity of Contrast

Vancouver’s, Anybodys deliver a rhythmic attack on three fronts with their EP Necessity of Contrast, executing the same sludgy, bludgeoning that they bring down on their listeners in a live setting. Lead singer Jonelle sings “I’m not scared” on the EP’s opening track, but the question is, are you? Because you should be! 

Touching God - Profane

Profane, released on June 7th, 2019 (which is today!), spits in the face of conventional music of the heavy variety or otherwise. With devastating discord and electronic drums, Touching God from Lethbridge, AB berates the senses and punishes all for their sins.

hundredmillionthousand - “1”

This breathtaking track is the first single from composer/producer HMT, who’s forthcoming album will be out in the winter of 2020. The beauty of “1” is almost beyond comprehension, with shifting melodies by strings, keys and voices and abstract beats that combine for an awe inspiring experience.   

Ancient Pig - Waitress/Ancient Pig Split EP

You might find yourself wondering what year it is while listing to Saskatoon’s, Ancient Pig. Their hazy riffs and beyond cool vocal delivery carry transformative power, erasing the history of crappy music that has followed the commercialization of rock and roll and leaving you in a euphoric state that will have you coming back for more.  

- Jeshaiah David