Shooting Guns/The Sex Geckos/dylan/Bleu Nuit

Shooting Guns - Sports Drink EP

Already well known across the country for their brand of instrumental, psychedelic, riff-rock and for their scores of WolfCop, Another WolfCop and Nosferatu, Shooting Guns continue to keep the foot down hard on the gas pedal. Sports Drink EP is a wide spreading shotgun blast, blowing a hole in the mind of any that stand too close! 

The Sex Geckos - The Static Tapes

Emerging with a wild fervour from a fresh batch of young Saskatoon musicians, The Sex Geckos are here for a total take over. Their debut release, The Static Tapes is a collection of demo tracks recorded in just a few hours that capture a whirlwind worth of energy and swirling garage-psych madness. 

dylan - “Peripheral” 

Dylan has been carving out a place in Montréal’s music scene with live set worth your time and now they have their first single with an accompanying video. “Peripheral” is dissonant and sharp, cutting through your musical tunnel vision with eye catching (or should I say ear catching) movement and precision.

Bleu Nuit - Le jardin des mémoires

Montréal’s Bleu Nuit follow up their 2017 self-titled EP with the stunning full length album Le jardin des mémoires, which was released on April 12th. It is a hyperactive post-punk assault on the senses, like a room of mirrors bouncing all your memories back at you from every direction.

- Jeshaiah David