Future Womb/Anna Arrobas/Suffer Fools/Language Arts


BABYGIRLGALACTIC is the debut full-length album from Calgary’s Future Womb.  It sounds like a rebellion against the boxes that pop is put in, fought on the the grounds of relational existence and defying the definitions of life and expectations.

Anna Arrobas - Metal Locket

Metal Locket is a collection of love songs by Montreal’s Anna Arrobas with one Arthur Lee cover. Love is sad and that is reflected heavily on this EP with very, very sparse arrangements of guitar drenched in reverb and airy vocals that ring out with yearning.

Suffer Fools - “Ocean of Grief // Dust”

Gearing up for a full length release in 2020 with a series of two song releases, Vancouver Island’s Suffer Fools hits a heavy note with “Ocean of Grief” and “Dust”. It is dark-wave pop at its depressive best, tugging at tears till there are none left.

Language Arts - “Top of the Top”

Kristen Cudmore hashes out her inner battles with a traumatic brain injury in this deeply inspiring new single, “Top of the Top”. The song embodies the feeling of overcoming struggle and scaling mountaintops against all odds.

*Editor’s Note: Learn more about Language Arts on episode 42 of our interview podcast, Inside The Artists Studio.

- Jeshaiah David