Brenna Lowrie/Apollo Suns/Leaf Rapids/Lovers Touch

Brenna Lowrie - “Skin”

On April 23rd, Brenna Lowrie from Lethbridge, Alberta released a new single titled, “Skin”. The track recalls tones reminiscent of the late, great Nick Drake.  With haunting beauty, the guitar picking, airy vocals and flute like instrumentals weave a dark, psych-folk entanglement that sends chills down the spine. 

Apollo Suns - Dawn Offerings

Psych, prog, jazz and everything in-between. Dawn Offerings came out on March 19th and is the complete package of experimental instrumental music, morphing through changes with marvellous mastery. Catch the Winnipeg band on the last leg of their western Canada tour, with dates in BC and Alberta.

Leaf Rapids - Citizen Alien

Winnipeg is seemingly the perfect place to blend the hymns of the past with the winds of change like Leaf Rapids have on their new album, Citizen Alien. Deeply rooted in folk and country but bending with the times like a tree in the wind, this album beautifully incorporates modern touches.

Lovers Touch - How Does It Make You Feel

Lovers Touch have left their homes in western Canada to make a go of their brand of “dad-rock” in the bustling metropolis of Toronto.  How Does It Make You Feel, their latest release may ask the question, but it will no doubt leave you feeling nostalgic with golden falsetto hooks and saucy licks inspired by your dads record collection.  

- Jeshaiah David