Eliza Niemi/Squids/The Jump Off/Gone Cosmic

Eliza Niemi - Vinegar

This is the debut solo release from Eliza Niemi (from Montreal’s Mauno) and it is a hopelessly heartbreaking collection of songs that fill a poetic void in the soul. Light arrangements of cello give way to words that bleed emotion and thoughtfulness about the mundane yet romantic aspects of life that one doesn’t always think about.

Squids - “Yeax10”

“Yeax10”, the brand new track from Edmonton’s Squids is trippy to say the very least. In 4:38 the listener is taken on a wild ride, opening up the channels of your mind with complicated time signatures, beautiful transitions and ethereal melodies.

The Jump Off - Concrete

Regina, Saskatchewan has bustling music scene right now and The Jump Off are one of many great acts of the louder variety tearing it up.  Their new album is built on a solid foundation of post hardcore with a pinch of Nintendo tones and a reinforcement of indie-rock bounce.

Gone Cosmic - Sideways In Time

Sideways in Time is the debut album from Calgary’s Gone Cosmic, which is a super group made up of members from Chron Goblin, The Torchettes and Witchstone.  The four members combine to create a mind bending, multi-dimensional onslaught of stoner-rock. 

- Jeshaiah David