Sled Island Edition #1

Check out four big Canadian names that will be playing this years Sled Island taking place from June 19-23rd in Calgary, Alberta.

Fly Pan Am - N’écoutez Pas

Fifteen years after the release of N’écoutez Pas and Fly Pan Am are resurfacing to bring their experimental/post-rock sounds to the Sled Island stage. The final album from the band (before beginning a long hiatus), is one that defies definition as it blends artistry with abrasion.

Lex Leosis - Tomboy

Toronto’s Lex Leosis is making a much deserved appearance at this years Sled Island.  Tomboy showcases her multidimensional lyricism with the unapologetic reality that women don’t fit into the little box that society puts them in. It’s an album that is as sensitive as it is in your face. 

Ian Blurton - “Upon Yesterday”

The Canadian legend, Ian Blurton, is back with a hot new project that shows off his songwriting prowess.  “Upon Yesterday” is instantly reminiscent of 80’s hard-rock, chugging its way into a catchy hook and overlapping guitar solos. Catch them for the first time at Sled Island!

The Garrys - Surf Manitou

Saskatchewan’s “garage surf doomwop” sisters are heading back to Calgary for this years Sled Island. Surf Manitou which came out two years ago is a collection of dark songs about life at the beach with bone chilling three part harmonies.

- Jeshaiah David