Snake River/TEKARRA/Electricity For Everybody!/Hot Garbage

Snake River - Tread On To The Seaside

Tread On To The Seaside, the brand new EP from Regina’s Snake River, continues to prove why the band is a psychedelic force to be reckoned with. A rippling consciousness is embodied by mind-bending guitar parts while the rhythm section keeps a head-bobbing grasp on reality. 

TEKARRA - Tekarra // Malamadre Split

From the depths of Edmonton’s metal scene to an integral pillar of doom, relative newcomers; TEKARRA are here to shore up the dwellings of the underworld. “Barbaric Tools” is a menacing ten minute track that will make your blues cower in fear.

Electricity For Everybody! - Modern Wisdom

Electricity For Everybody! are not afraid to have a little fun and don’t buy into the herd mentality of “keeping up with the joneses.” Their long awaited new EP is an electrifying throwback to 90’s, pedal to the metal, indie rock.

Hot Garbage - Coco’s Paradise

Coming from the other side of the “peace and love” camp and bordering on the “bad trip” side of things are Toronto’s, Hot Garbage.  Their second EP, Coco’s Paradise is exuberantly dark, murky with fuzz and always creating tension with throbbing melancholy. 

- Jeshaiah David