Eamon McGrath/Raeburn/Labradoodle/KIMMORTAL

Eamon McGrath - “Guts”

The prolific songwriter from Toronto, ON is back with a brand new single that stays true to his story telling style. Using his gravelly voice to its full potential, Eamon McGrath belts it out, spilling his guts to a light tune that is carried by a simple piano melody.   

Raeburn - Bongo Dracula

Bongo Dracula is the enjoyable, genre bending, sophomore release from Saskatoon’s Raeburn. The album swirls around psychedelic sounds and sadness but paints an overall picture of taking things in stride and conveys a positive outlook.

Labradoodle - Only III

Only III is the new EP from a band that is a cross-breed between garage-rock and seventies heavy metal. Hailing from riff-city, Radmonton, and turning it up to 11; Labradoodle crushes out the perfect landscape for soaring vibrato and flying hair. 

KIMMORTAL - X Marks the Swirl

KIMMORTAL hashes out the struggles and triumphs of real life on her new album X Marks the Swirl. The songs parallel the ebb and flow of the journey, displaying her creative approach to hip-hop with absolute fluidity. 

- Jeshaiah David