Darksol/Katie & The Wildfire/Hush Pup/Light Conductor

Darksol - II

Leif Carlson of Saskatoon, SK, follows up his January release of Darksol I, with another dreary dungeon dweller that builds off the sounds of the fantasy/role-playing series, Shining Force. Rather than copying the exact sounds of the games, he creates new stories for Guardiana; it’s fan-fiction composed with a synthesizer.

Katie & The Wildfire - Ten Speed

Ten speed is the charming new EP from Edmonton’s Katie & The Wildfire. With soulful melodies by a heartwarming voice and thoughtful arrangements that have a jazzy sparkle, they wiggle their way into a quiet and cozy place where you are most likely drinking a glass of your favourite red wine. 

Hush Pup - Panacea

Hush Pup breathe life into synths on their new album, creating a wisp like a light breeze and carrying the angelic voice of lead singer Ida Maidstone. Panacea lives up to the bands label of being a dream-pop, so much so, that you might find yourself wondering if you are indeed dreaming.

Light Conductor - Sequence One

Light Conductor is comprised of Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) and Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) and they use simple polyrhythms from multiple synths to create trippy and atmospheric vibes on their debut release, Sequence One

- Jeshaiah David