Bad Hoo/Minors/Dead Soft/BB

Bad Hoo - What Is When

There comes a realization that mixing garage and surf would technically mean skateboarding in your garage, which has its limits.  Bad Hoo must have a mini-ramp though because the tracks flow, carrying an upbeat tempo from one ripping melody to the next.

Minors - Abject Bodies

The latest release from Windsor, Ontario’s Minors is devastatingly heavy. It crushes everything in its path with huge and dissonant chords and tears off at blistering speeds with frantic energy so uncontainable, you can feel the circle pit growing in ferocity. 

Dead Soft - “Porch”

The new single from Dead Soft was released right before two months of touring North America and unfortunately for us Canadians they only have one remaining date in Canada, in their hometown of Vancouver.  On the brighter side, the new track is thick and not actually very bright at all. 

BB - X

Vancouver’s BB rides the wave of friendship to the limit with a gnarly splash into the waters of Canada’s music scene.  Their first two tracks, “Nu Blu” and “Drowning” (which has a brand new music video) are equally fun and dark.

- Jeshaiah David