Gullet/Tarik Robinson/Pottery/Kamikaze Nurse

Gullet - Gullet!

This is the “self titled!” debut EP from Ottawa’s Gullet. Jump in to this release for something that feels as fresh as spring does every year. It’s sparkling and innocent and although it may not be completely revolutionary, it sounds like the beautiful promise of growth and good things to come.

Tarik Robinson - Union Latinoamericana (Beat Tape)

Heavily inspired by his time spent in South America and the booming underground hip-hop scene there, Calgary’s Tarik Robinson set out to make an album that reflected that. This resulted in Union Latinoamericana (Beat Tape), which is a hard hitting, instrumental boom-bap album with a relentless groove

Pottery - No. 1

Montreal’s Pottery are not weighed down by the confines of “genre” and that allows them to have a sound that blows freely in the wind. Their debut release, No. 1 lives up to the hype that the band has created with an energetic performance that preceded the album at last years Pop Montreal.

Kamikaze Nurse - Bucky Fleur

Vancouver’s Kamikaze Nurse embodies the idea of spinning out of control with their debut full length album, Bucky Fleur. They sound exactly like you would expect a band with their name would, hell-bent on destruction and wrecking everything in their path on a psychotic mission.

- Jeshaiah David