Blue Youth/Scattered Clouds/Possum/Pudding

Blue Youth - Deaf Mode/Two Faces

This is a two track release that keeps the ball rolling for Regina’s Blue Youth. Harnessing unmatched intensity and lyrics that flow like river rapids on “Deaf Mode”, they then proceed to plunge over the falls into a pool of calm that is “Two Faces”, which sucks you back into the current once again.

Scattered Clouds - Take Away Your Summer

With a roll of the dice, an alternate reality was created and Scattered Clouds (Hull, QC) are what emerged from the darkest timeline. Take Away Your Summer is an extremely dark sounding album with pulsing synths accentuated by bombastic tom-work and fronted by “Leonard Cohen’s evil twin”.

Possum - Space Grade Assembly

Toronto’s Possum brings the jam along with solar flares of psychedelia on their debut release titled Space Grade Assembly. This album will suck you into the vast expanse with it’s mixture of heavily effected guitars and cosmic rhythms. 

Pudding - Pop Over

Pop Over is the brand new album released June 13th by Vancouver’s Pudding. The three-piece band crafts edgy songs with raw emotion and keeps it catchy while they plunge into rhythmic changes that keep you on your toes.

- Jeshaiah David