Kuri/Tropic Harbour/Hullo/Louis Pastel

Kuri - No Village

Abottsford, British Columbia’s Scott Currie set out to record his first solo record, which is appropriately titled No Village, after years of playing in his band Oh Village. The debut album by Kuri berates the senses and emotions with an array of stringed instruments which compliment his impactful voice. 

Tropic Harbour - Calm

While Victoria’s Tropic Harbour displays an overactive mind worried about loneliness and potential outcomes in his lyrics, he elicits a peaceful feeling with subdued beats and dreamy arrangements of guitars and synths.

Hullo - I’ll Do Me

Hullo is the musical handle for St. John’s, Newfoundland’s Nicholas Bendzsa. On his recently released EP, I’ll Do Me, he does his thing with disco infused dream-pop. The songs are sad and fanciful but always cheerful thanks to the peppy grooves.  

Louis Pastel - “Morning Light”

“Morning Light” is the lead single from Louis Pastel’s upcoming debut album. The track has really relaxed hip-hop vibes and highlights the life of an artist embracing change while navigating the day to day.

- Jeshaiah David