Rick White + Eiyn Sof/No Museums/Bog Bodies/Torso

Rick White + Eiyn Sof = The Opening

This is a collaboration album between Rick White of the legendary band Eric's Trip and Eiyn Sof in which the two artists wanted to stress their love for duets and vocal harmonies. With an electric soundscape of bubbling psychedelic tracks, the two sing every song together in tandem.

No Museums - The Artifact is Nothing

Edmonton’s No Museums harnesses the harshness of fuzz and chaos to create pop songs with a unique edge to them.  On their latest release, The Artifact is Nothing, the band uses the tools of the loud to make blissful songs.

Bog Bodies - P.L.A.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

On their new album P.L.A.Y.T.H.I.N.G, Calgary’s Bog Bodies take you on a whirlwind ride with a punk sounds that are out of this world. The songs are short an aggressive but are built up with samples and electronic manipulation instead of using the standard guitar, bass drums formula. 

Torso - “The Reverend”

“The Reverend” is an EP of techno tracks improvised and recorded live by Edmonton, Alberta’s Torso. The songs sound like the inner workings of the human body as it is put through the rigours of abuse inflicted on it. 

- Jeashaiah David