Tara Kannangara/Paul James Coutts/Anna Wiebe/Kurt Loewen

Tara Kannangara - It's Not Mine Anymore

Tara Kannangara takes a unique approach to her music as a vocalist and a well studied trumpet player. On her new album It’s Not Mine Anymore she displays her strength in creating melodic tension and beauty to a soundtrack of jazzy/r&b.

Paul James Coutts - UTTERANCES

This is the first solo album from Paul James Coutts, a busy Albertan who’s voice and guitar playing has played a huge part in many bands. UTTERANCES is a quirky and driving rock and roll record that projects its energy back on the listener. 

Anna Wiebe - All I Do Is Move

All I Do Is Move is a sophomore album that displays musical growth by Guelph Ontario’s Anna Wiebe. Her warm voice paired with folky, electric and acoustic guitar arrangements form a mood of reflection.

Kurt Loewen - Heavy & Low

After years of playing in The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, multi-instrumentalist Kurt Loewen has branched out on his own in the city of Calgary. Heavy & Low is an album with a “ramble-on” style of vocals that is at times very cinematic in it’s effective layering and building.

- Jeshaiah David