Espanola/Little Snake/Mr. Merlot/BBQT

Espanola - Espanola

Aaron Goldstein has poured his heart and soul into the making of his first album over the past ten years. He is well known for his collaboration with notable Canadian alt-country acts, but Espanola is a rock record with a hint of those roots.


Calgary’s Little Snake challengers listeners to redefine their definition of music on Lost in Spirals. The EP has the effect of disorientation which is caused by multi faceted electronic attacks coming from every direction. 

Mr. Merlot - City Sex Vol. 2

Like the title states, City Sex Vol. 2 is the second instalment in Mr. Merlot’s city sex series. He channels his big city Vancouver life into seductively groovy tunes that mirror the attractive hustle and bustle of the major metropolis. 

BBQT - Nice View 

Nice View is a bright new indie rock EP that is here just in time for summer. It carries all the excitement and positivity with it of BBQT who relocated from St. John’s to Montreal to get into the middle of things.

- Jeshaiah David

Jeff MacCallum