The Nico Tobias Band/Cellos/Not Of/Booji Boys/Brevner

The Nico Tobias Band - No More Mr. Nico Guy

No More Mr. Nico Guy is an Edmontonian rock and roll album with a little country twang spicing the whole thing up like a good barbecue sauce. The Nico Tobias Band even throws a little funk into the mix to ensure maximum flavour.

Cellos/Not Of - Split

Windsor noise rockers Cellos, teamed up with Toronto, noise-rock duo Not Of to deliver two crushing songs each on this headbangers split. It is the perfect starter kit, introducing a couple of bands that you need to be listening to. 

Booji Boys - Tube Reducer

The third release in as many years from Halifax punk rockers, Booji Boys, is a whole new level of blitzkrieg! Tube Reducer is an onslaught of riffs and melodic anthems played at blistering speeds.

Brevner - IKIGAI Vol. 1

Honest and in your face, Vancouver’s Brevner tackles his tough past with his passionate new hip-hop release, IKIGAI Vol. 1. Ikigai is a Japanese word that means “a reason for being”, which is an underlying theme throughout the six songs. 

- Jeshaiah David