Single Premiere: Dialtone - Cyclops

We are extremely excited to premiere the first music ever heard by Regina’s Dialtone. This exclusive listen coincides perfectly with our ongoing coverage of Swamp Fest 2019 because the band will debut their songs and release their first EP on September 8th at this amazing Regina festival. This duo is a collaboration between Amber Goodwyn (Natural Sympathies, Cobra & Vulture) and Piper Burns (The Steves, Hit the Streets). They came together while both going through a period of geographic uncertainty and aim to convey: “feelings of waiting on the other end of line with nothing but your own warm breath to keep you company”.

The track we’re delivering today is called “Cyclops” and it’s a jangly, power-pop/garage-rock number that will surely brighten your day.  

Get your first taste of Dialtone below, then rush over to the Swamp Fest website and get your wristband to solidify your chance to see this amazing duo live for the first time.