Single Premiere: Borrachera - YMAB

Edmonton’s Borrachera are a ferocious two piece that have been a staple in their city’s music scene since 2013. They are the band you wish you were in; they play by their own rules and don’t care if you like it or not. Their live show is the stuff of legend and we are ecstatic to be premiering a track from their long overdue album, Borrachera II: Walterdale.

The title is a hilarious reference to the new Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton which was completed over-budget and three years late… just like this album. Borrachera II: Walterdale was recorded in the summer of 2016 by Jed Gauthier (Counterfeit Jeans, Canibales) and touches on themes of self-discovery, role-reversal, mental illness, necessary surrender, and dystopian dissolution. The album was written by members Jay Higgs and Bradley Robertson and features longtime pal, Kendall Orr on guitar.

Although the construction of the new Walterdale bridge did not go according to plan, it’s still a gorgeous piece of architecture that has quickly become loved by Edmontonians. This also parallels Borrachera’s new album, a band the city’s music community loves regardless of late unveilings.

Check out the first single from Borrachera II: Walterdale below then follow the embed link to pre-order. If in Edmonton, catch Borrachera’s album release show on August 24th at Tavern On Whyte with Rebuild/Repair, Geoff, and Western Death.