Skim Milk


Fingerprints // Independent

Jazz has been stagnate for too long. The genre has been kept down by old musicians set in their ways and unwilling to the explore new ideas within the classic jazz ethos. Thankfully, times are changing (nod to Badbadnotgood) and many new acts are breaking away from the mold by bringing jazz into the 21st century. Skim Milk is one such act, they blend elements of electronic experimental music, adult contemporary and trip-hop in with jazz to make great mood music. The first track “Raincouver” takes you on an elegant walk through a puddle filled city, the rainy day is praised here and even longed for. The urgency picks up on the following song “Theft!” as luscious piano gives way to frolicking guitar and speeds the song away in a dash. Flourishes of horns start emerging as the album moves along and we get a great taste of bandleader Sam Davidson’s skilled use of the clarinet. Each song offers a whole new sonic palate keeping you engaged from from start to finish. The album is a testament to what can be done while using a jazz foundation to deliver exciting new ideas. It’s time to stop looking back and take a leap of faith, Fingerprints honours the genre while delivering excitement for the future.