Moving Bodies


Lifestyle Choices // Independent

Moving Bodies debut album thrusts this young Edmonton band to the upper echelon of the rock scene. Crunchy riffs over a monstrous rhythm section are immediately ear catching and only outdone by proper face-melting solos. Lifestyle Choices is best defined as hard rock, but strays from that territory with flourishes of inspiration drawn from other sources. Although all-out rock is what Moving Bodies does best, the track “Ultimate Disease (Galactus)” offers some reprieve and may be the best stoner/psych rock song of the year. The country tinged “Cash On The Nail” is a breath of fresh air and breaks up the first half of the album perfectly. They also veer in another direction by going full metal on “The Well.” Frontman Jon Lovell delivers some great tongue-in-cheek lyrics throughout but none greater than on “Amazing” where he proclaims his guilt of being unable to perform sexually due to cocaine use. Lifestyle Choices doesn’t settle into the norms of its genre, it’s engaging from start to finish which is rare in hard rock.