Ora Cogan


Crickets // Hand Drawn Dracula

Crickets is the fifth release from Ora Cogan and is easily her most ambitious. It ventures into many territories, but could be best described as dark experimental-folk. Cogan co-produced the record with Tom Deis (Uni Ika Ai) and assembled her players perfectly. Each instrument is expertly executed and necessary to the album’s aesthetic. From the haunting strings on “Crickets” to the luscious synths on the opener "Sea People" it's very clear that this group came together and instantly gelled. Ora's vocal delivery is devastatingly beautiful, especially on "The Light" as her voice is layered over itself to create gorgeous harmonies. Crickets is a perfectly crafted album that plays best as a start to finish listen. It has the ability to get the listener lost within its eight tracks making thirty minutes fly by in the blink of an eye

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