Beach Body


Plain Life EP //  Independent

It’s extremely rare that a band’s first release is a statement of perfection in their genre. Such is the case with Beach Body’s debut EP entitled Plain Life. This Regina band plays a brand of indie pop that flirts with retro sounds and summer vibes. The music is soaked in coastal, sandy, sunny feelings making it instantly enjoyable. On “Ooooo” & “Connor Bought A Van,” frontman Rory Copithorn cleverly uses bright imagery to hide feelings of anxiety and insecurity making the songs sound fun and cheery upon initial listen. It’s a powerful approach to use the shine of the sun and the pull of the ocean to deliver these emotions and by doing so, Copithorn is able to affect the listener in a meaningful way. In case the theme washed over your head, the closer “Wasted Days” pulls you back to lay out the EP’s true intent of struggling through big ideas of feeling small and insignificant. As an initial introduction, Plain Life is truly an incredible achievement for a young band. The EP ends and one can’t help but wait anxiously for the chance to meet this exciting young band again.

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