Pigeon Breeders


Live At Skymall // Sweety Pie/Double Lunch

For years Edmonton’s Pigeon Breeders have fuelled the experimental scene within their city and beyond. They pushed the envelope by creating odd ambient soundscapes that are pleasing to the ears while sounding completely foreign. They were successful in achieving what others struggle to do—make their strange musical genre respected. Sadly, a few years ago Tyler Harland moved from Edmonton leaving Will Scott and Myles Bartel on their own, but this didn’t mark the end for Pigeon Breeders as they opted to play shows when Harland was in town or with rotating guests. Their latest release is a statement to say that they are going to remain a band, but it also serves as a loving tribute to a house venue called Skymall that no longer exists. This release consists of two live sets performed at Skymall. Side A is from 2014 and features Harland, while side B is from 2017 and features Nick Johnson to fill the guest spot. The sets yield a cosmic weirdness where this band is able to excel. The sounds they create can often seem otherworldly and you can imagine what might be heard at the outer reaches of the solar system or on an alien planet. As with most experimental releases, the listener needs to be prepared to go in with an open mind and with a willingness to draw their own interpretations. If one is willing to invest thought and emotion into a release like Live At Skymall, it's hard not to feel enlightened when the experience is complete.