Young Adult Contemporary // Grey Records

Saskatoon's Caves have grown from being the project of Peter Grier to a full, collaborative band. Over the years, Caves has put out a lot of releases of varying genres, but the most intriguing early recordings were when Grier created lo-fi pop songs. Thankfully, this is the direction Caves went with Young Adult Contemporary. Although the recordings are not lo-fi on this EP, the move to a cleaner sound proves to be a brilliant decision. The vibe is laid back and summery, towing a line between bedroom and slacker pop. Great guitar work soars over a warm rhythm section and immediately draws you in to listen more intently. On the standout track “New Ageist” saxophone appears for the first and only time adding an adult contemporary flare to their pop sound. The song is a triumph and would have made the Cups N Cakes Best Tracks of 2017 list had it not been released in the last week of the year. Caves’ new full band dynamic has propelled them to being one of the most exciting bands in Saskatoon.