The Dudes


East Side Good Times 5 // Seriously Lover 4 Real

If hooks could kill, make sure your standing beside The Dudes when war breaks out. This beloved Calgary band has made a five year wait disappear upon hitting play on their latest full length entitled East Side Good Times 5. The Dudes have always had a knack for delivering optimistic, feel-good, party tunes and, once again, they don’t disappoint. Lyrically the album urges us to live life to fullest, work hard and play hard. The title track is about banding together with friends to get past the hard times and “Everybody Dies Too Soon” is a reminder that life is short so there’s no time to waste feeling sorry for yourself… get out there and live! The Dudes sound is well known through out this fine country, but on ESGT5 the production is amped up thanks to Kiril Telichev and Grammy Award winner Chris Shaw who mixed the tracks. The album features R&B tinged ballads and beer soaked party anthems filled with foot stomping beats and sing-a-along choruses. As great as that all sounds, what makes these eleven songs so enticing is the inability for this reviewer to point out the album’s “single.” Any song could be heard blaring through radio speakers; there is no track to skip and no tune that stands above the rest. The Dudes have made the wait worth while by giving us a perfect rock & roll album. Thanks Dudes!

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