The Wet Secrets

The Tyranny Of Objects // Six Shooter

The return of the Wet Secrets helps fill a void for danceable, punchy, pop music in Canada. Their latest offering The Tyranny Of Objects consists of the four tracks found on 2016’s I Can Live Forever EP along with five new songs to cure what ails you. As always, they bring us fun, bouncy tunes that force even the stiffest gent into a hip whirling frenzy. The Wet Secrets grab influences and ideas from nearly any genre you can think of and mash it all into a mighty beast that somehow can only be described as pop. The album’s title offers a hint to the thoughtful ruminations on society that are hidden within these summer gems. The standout track “Burn It All And Start Again,” has frontman Lyle Bell pondering over-consumption as swirling synths and stabbing horns permeate through a ferocious rhythm section. While on the slightly subdued “Tidal Wave Of Hate,” he cleverly jabs at the culture of negativity found on the internet urging us to leave our screens, “let’s go back to the rarefied air, say what you want now see if I care.” The Tyranny Of Objects is an album for everyone, whether you are looking for a fun blast of danceable tunes or an album worth exploring on a deeper level… The Wet Secrets have you covered.


AdminThe Wet Secrets, Edmonton