The Mothercraft


Pillars // Independent

Edmonton based band The Mothercraft have been building a following within the city’s heavy metal/hard rock scene. Their live sets pummel the senses with the help of technical chops and impressive song writing. Pillars is their first release and it does not disappoint. General badass-ness is what to expect from this three headed monster of a band. Over the four songs found on this EP, The Mothercraft deliver heavy riffs over a thunderous rhythm section while peppering solos that call for bedroom air guitar antics. Frontman Jordan LeMoine’s voice is crisp and soars over the cacophony of sound with great lines like “I’m a general of fire, the conductor of sin” on the track Moonrider. Pillars is an infectious debut, if you listen while you drive… you’ll speed. If you listen while you walk… your pace will quicken to match the beat. If you listen at your desk (like this reviewer is doing)… you’ll start head banging.

AdminThe Mothercraft, Edmonton