The Core Competencies Of Napalmpom // Teenage Rampage Records


Napalmpom's much anticipated sophomore release is an impressive statement. A much more refined sound runs throughout the new album. It's almost Beatles-esque in the sense that every note sounds well thought out. You can conjure up images of the band having rock n roll debates over each solo, lick and fill. Guitarists Craig Evans & Shawn Petsche have grown together as musicians to a point where you'd swear they were telepathic. Their twin guitar work provides Napalmpom’s signature sound bringing to mind 70s rock n roll. Although Napalmpom are very clearly a rock and roll band, Core Competencies is essentially a pop record. A fist pumping, rock n roll, pop record. Confused yet? That's ok, it's a testament to what they have been able to create. The other major difference is frontman, PJ Lavergne’s vocal delivery. His confidence behind the mic has grown so significantly since the release of Unconditional Love that it sounds like Napalmpom went out and got a new singer. The new songs compliment his singing style much better allowing him to yell less and sing more. Core Competencies Of Napalmpom is a shining achievement in the rock n roll genre.