Brazilian Money

Fly Free Rock Angel // Independent

Garrett Johnson, AKA Brazilian Money, delivers us another album of non stop action. Much like the 2014 self titled release which saw a re-recording of old Brazilian Money favourites, Fly Free Rock Angel has a more professional and less “lo-fi” vibe. Die hard older fans may wax nostalgic about the older Brazilian Money but the new sound is a triumph. Johnson doesn’t give up any of the magic that makes his Brazilian Money project one of Canada’s most captivating “slacker rock” acts. In fact, they have been cast-out far ahead of their peers and have created an album impossible to ignore by any music fan. Jangly guitar licks over impressively crafted bass lines give the album an amazing summer/beach feeling while still retaining reputation for oddball songs. The stand out on the album is “Rock Angel” in which Johnson ponders why he sacrifices for his art:  

“At this age, I should know to/Get a job, and stop fucking up,” 

The answer is quickly delivered: 
“But I don’t because I know I’m a rock angel/Sent from up above.”

A toast to Johnson and all others like him who avoid getting swept up in conventional ideals of careers and consumerism. Their sacrifice gives us more than we can ever give them back.