Smokey & The Feeelings

Self Titled // Mangled Tapes

Smokey’s art has never been subtle. His paintings and sculptures have a serious edge so it’s no surprise that his first proper full length album as Smokey & The Feeelings cuts with the same knife. The album is layered with apocalyptic strings and bone rattling accordion squeals over Smokey’s guitar. Haunting at times with eerie sounds layered throughout, the tracks move effortlessly from quiet sparse arrangements into pulse racing cinematic crescendos. The sounds created on the album are impressive but the highlight truly is Smokey’s voice. At moments his quiet shaky voice has you leaning into your speakers to hear lines like “Oh mother. Not withstanding all your pearls, I hate this world” then other times it soars just as high as the luscious soundscapes his band creates. 

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