The Betrayers

12 Songs to Haunt You // Yo Ma! Records


Betrayers are one of Canada’s best psychedelic garage bands and its sophomore album may have pushed them into the undisputed top spot. The new album entitled 12 Songs To Haunt You is much more ambitious than the band’s debut. The previous outing relied heavily on the organ whereas this record pushes it into the back, creating a less-muddied sound. Reverb is king as the guitar is used in a smarter way to achieve the desired psychedelic assault that fans have come to expect from Betrayers. The band’s music has always drawn inspiration from the ‘60s but on 12 Songs To Haunt You the band manages to expand that sound by weaving in elements of spaghetti western, ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll, horror and surf. These influences come together to make this retro record an interesting listen, one that you’ll return to more often than their debut.