Ultra Mega

Ultra Mega // Transistor 66 Records

Every once in awhile, time is needed to appreciate past achievements. Thus is the case for Winnipeg band Ultra Mega’s debut album. Originally recorded seven years ago and finally seeing the light of day this past March, the album paints a picture of the good, bad and weird in regards to growing up in Winnipeg. Simply strummed chords over luscious soundscapes created from warbly guitars, well-timed organ notes and eerie drones make this record only describable as psych-folk. JD Ormond’s gentle voice flows perfectly over the psychedelic backdrop while singing about crime, dead dogs, past romances and addiction. He manages to pay homage to the grimy aspects of his hometown, turning things that would steer the average listener away into endearing. One might never know why this record sat shelved for so long but thankfully Winnipeg label Transistor 66 were able to wipe away the dust to give us an album that isn’t dated. An album that is just as relevant now as when it was created.