Jom Comyn

I Need Love // Sweety Pie


Jim Cuming (a.k.a. Jom Comyn) is in love. His latest output is a 28-song, multi-genre love playlist. It’s an incredibly ambitious project, but not because of its length. In fact, the runtime of the album is only 58 minutes because of short songs and clever interludes used to bring many genres together. Creating an album with so many different styles and sounds is a daunting task, one that typically fails, but Cuming walks a fine line and manages to stay balanced. Motown, ’50s rock, lounge, country and modern indie rock are some of the sounds you’ll notice as you get lost in this incredible statement of affection. Cuming’s trademark baritone voice is arguably one of the most captivating in all of Canada and he uses it effortlessly to express affection for his better half. The record plays best as a “start-to-finish” listen as it allows the interludes to create cohesion between songs.