Self Titled EP // Independent

Truster's debut will make your spine tingle and your ears ring. Ear piercing feedback over sludgy distortion permeate throughout the four songs on this EP. The opener entitled “Unheard” is the gem here, swirling feedback and disturbing clashes of noise and screams punish your ears one second and the next, offer complete silence only cut by terrified panting. As the beat picks up, so does the wall of noise until the final minute of the song offers you the melody you're dying to hear. The next two songs follow a more conventional song structure but that's not to say they disappoint. In fact, they are sorely needed after the emotional rollercoaster of the opening track. The final minute of track three ends with screaming feedback and the cries of vocalist Stacy Burnett over a single repeating beat until they break into an incredible version of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. This music bleeds emotion and it amplifies any frustration, sadness, anger or desperation you may be feeling. Listener be warned, this EP has power. 
Head over to their bandcamp page, drop a dollar or more on this mini masterpiece and feel good about yourself knowing that all proceeds are to be donated to the iHuman Youth Society.