Night Driver // Foreseen Entertainment

Laser is the new project from Lisa Lobsinger (formerly of Broken Social Scene). She has teamed up with Paul Pfisterer (The Beauties) and Martin Davis Kinack (Transistor Sound) to make this beautifully crafted album. As the albums title suggests, this is a perfect soundtrack for a late night drive. Going from the glow of the city to the darkness of the country. The inspiration came from the trips that Lobsinger and Pfisterer would make to Kinack’s recording studio, out in a forest, miles away from the city’s bright lights.

The trio seamlessly blend electronic synth sounds with classic analog instruments, making it difficult at times to decipher where the sounds are being created. The mood of the record stands out the most. They were able to deliver on the pitch black, late night mood they wanted. Making this achievement possible, (more than the music itself) is Lobsinger’s dream-like voice. Her voice is the most important part of the puzzle for the feel of the record. It’s almost as it the songs were crafted around her lovely vocals.