The Zorgs

Chew On It // Transistor 66

The Zorgs want to keep you on your toes. The last thing this Winnipeg trio ever wants is to become predictable. The music is a hodge podge of punk, post punk, surf, garage and psych. The songs vary significantly throughout the album. From the surf inspired “Spies are Lurking” & “Moneypenny” to the punk anthem “How Many Fucks” to “Prophecies”, which can only be described as a psychedelic spaghetti western track.

Each member wrote songs for this album which was recorded live off the floor with different producers. In the spirit of The Zorgs need to keep everyone guessing, each producer came in having never heard any of the tracks they were about to record. Out now on Transistor 66, “Chew On It” is a must have record for your summer!