Baby Jey

Best Wishes // Independent

Jeremy Witten has an uncanny ability to write lovable songs, which was shown on his 2014 release The Wide Eyed (He went by Jey Witten for that LP). Three years later he has changed his name to Baby Jey and recently put out the first full length under the new moniker. On Best Wishes he ventures far more into the retro pop world but don’t be fooled, this album is far too complex to pin down with two words. Baby Jey’s ability to mash up sounds, genres and eras is what makes his song writing special and gives this summer record a throw-back sound rounded out by feel-good, clever lyrics. On “Rosy”, he pleads with his girlfriend to say “I Love You” rather than replying with words like “ditto” or “moi aussi”. It’s a great example of how lyrically endearing he is throughout the album. But as great as that track is, it’s the first song that steals the show. If fact, it may be the song of the year. The pop gem "Put Yr City On The Map" is truly an Edmonton statement, amplified by the fact that this song is produced by Rene Wilson who is out there putting Edmonton on the map…. from Montreal. Although the opener is the hands-down favourite of the album, the remaining eight songs don't disappoint. It's an incredibly listenable pop album that is charming and impossible to ignore.