Gary's House

The Staircase Of Wild Introspection // Independent

Gary’s House is the project of Edmonton expat Garrett Johnson. If that name sounds familiar then you may remember him from his much loved project Brazilian Money. After a conversation with a Brazilian citizen about their country’s economy, he decided it was time to rebrand and start fresh. Musically, his first album under the new name picks up where Brazilian Money left off by making jangly slacker-pop that is danceable and weird at the same time. A noticeable difference on Johnson’s debut as Gary’s House is his self awareness and sincerity. “Your My Buddy” is a bouncy ode to best friends, written to remind both parties of their relationship’s importance. Whereas “The Truth Comes Out” speaks to true feelings eventually bubbling to the surface no matter how hard the attempt to suppress them. On the album closer, Johnson slows things down to deliver an acoustic love song with a hushed vocal delivery. For fans of Brazilian Money’s goofy side, have no fear as Johnson can’t help but deliver some comedy with one of the albums standout tracks called “Punch Party”. 

"Punching people, it is so fun,  punch the old and punch the young, punch the women and punch the men, you punch five and I’ll punch ten." 

Gary’s House is certainly a continuation of Brazilian Money, but perhaps one that’s slightly more mature…. slightly.