Soft Ions

Soft Ions // Pseudo Laboratories

Edmonton's experimental scene is arguably the best of its kind in the country. It isn't a niche genre, but rather an important part of the citiy’s musical identity. Experimental music is so established in Edmonton that you actually get “supergroups". Enter Soft Ions, the duo of Parker Thiessen (Kaunsel, Zebra Pulse) and Jenna Turner (The Olm) have come together to create an achievement in their genre. Synth and violin drones build luscious layers that move effortlessly from beautiful to terrifying. As with most instrumental music, every listener will get a different interpretation and different imagery. I hear a robotic forest in a dystopian future where machines have taken over and built an electronic world. What would that version of a rain forest sound like? Its the individual interpretations such as mine that make experimental music a loved genre and Soft Ions is a perfect starting point for the uninitiated.