Crack Cloud

Anchoring Point // Independent

Crack Cloud are making incredible post-punk music that has afro-punk and jangly pop undertones lurking in the shadows. Their second EP glistens with the confidence of a band that can do no harm. Guitar stabs and slashes permeate over groovy baselines and deliberate percussion clashes. They add layers of intrigue with 8-bit video game synths, horns, spoken lines and is that a kazoo!?! Nobody in Canada is making music this interesting and addictive. The first few songs ponder the modern North American ideals until they deliver the best ode to mind altering substances in recent memory with the track “Philosopher’s Calling”. They round out the EP out with a slower tempo on Swish Swash, which features a repeating guitar riff that builds and continues to build until your senses hit overload and just before you need to pull the rip cord, the EP ends with immediate silence. This EP proves that Crack Cloud are poised for greatness and their rapid growth to the upper crust of Calgary's music scene is not without just cause. Plainly stated... They're making exciting music.