The Radiation Flowers

Summer Loop // Sunmask

Writing slow burning psych songs with summer vibes is a difficult feat that Saskatoon’s Radiation Flowers manage to pull off with top marks on their latest album, Summer Loop. The rhythm section rolls forward with rich warmth leaving room for fuzzed out guitar and beautiful organ notes to blossom. The restraint shown from the drums and bass allows the lead instruments to grow the songs into dreamscape memories. As each track finishes, you’re left pondering about them much like awakening from a blissful dream. This album builds off of the previous by adding interesting elements not commonly associated with psychedelic music, such as acoustic guitar and vibraphone. Shelby Gaudet’s voice shines and is expertly enhanced by the guitar and organ on the album’s standout “Colours”. Although a crucial element, her voice is used sparingly throughout the record making her appearances truly poignant. Summer Loop is an impressive album, one that can be adored by any music fan, not just those that enjoy the psychedelic genre.