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Le Plaisir // Independent

Le Plaisir is an Edmonton two piece that consists of Amelia Aspen (Lad Mags) and Doug Organ (Edmontone Studio). The duo’s debut EP explores love during the end of human existence. It was inspired by the couple’s experiences while living through the devastating 2015 attacks on Paris. Although the underlying theme of apocalypse exists through the EP, these songs have positive vibes hinting at a certain relief of the countdown finally being over. The backbone of the EP is electro pop that relies on the crucial relationship between synthesizer and drum machine. Guitar and organ are layered overtop to give the EP a psychedelic sound that nods back to Aspen’s former band, The Lad Mags. There are some incredible flourishes added throughout the EP such as the lovely trombone work at the end of “Never Gonna Cry Again” which is an Eurythmics cover or the wild synth explorations that could best be described as spacey or futuristic jazz. Perhaps the best addition to any of these tracks is the pedal steel on “Chilblains”, which Organ taught himself to play just for those blissful 30 seconds. Le Plaisir’s ear pleasing debut will have you hitting repeat until the button wears out.

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