Sister Ray

Untitled // Double Lunch Records

Ella Coyes started playing shows as Sister Ray in 2016. She never intended to record anything, ever. In fact, the idea behind the project was to use it as an artistic release, a way to say some things that were never meant to be written down or said again. The problem with this concept was the sheer brilliance she delivered her live audience. With her fans growing more and more rabid for something tangible to revisit, she started to feel some pressure to record. Enter Craig Martell of Double Lunch Records, after many attempts he finally succeeded in getting Coyes to join his roster and on January 12th, 2017 in a small basement venue in Edmonton a masterpiece was made. Recorded live at the Sewing Machine Factory, Coyes finally gave us a chance to hear her beautifully haunting voice at the push of a button. Vocals and guitar are the only instruments you’ll hear on this album and that’s all that’s needed to turn a casual listen into an obsession. Coyes’ voice is utterly captivating as it trembles with intensity and raw power over simple guitar, while working through thoughts and ideas that you may never hear her speak (or sing) ever again. Untitled is unrestrained, emotional and immensely captivating, it catapults Sister Ray up to being one of Alberta’s most exciting young acts.

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