Small World // Urbnet

Saskatoon rapper Def3’s new album Small World is a collection of feel good songs with rhymes about hope and perseverance. His flow is smooth and seamless as he raps over energizing beats that could put the most cynical in a good mood. The production was done by Late Night Radio and features funky guitar licks and juicy horns blasts over classic boom-bap beats. It is a perfect match for Def3’s optimistic lyrics. The album features a slew of well placed guest spots from Moka Only, Scratch Bastid, Sweatshop Union and more. As great as those cameos are, none are as well fitted as San Fransisco’s Mystic who appears on the uplifting stand-out “Carry On”. The two MCs go line for line to deliver the clear message of the album - Don't let the world bring you down while striving to make the best of what you have. Small World is an album to put on when you need to be picked up. Def3 has the ability to turn a day from rain to shine without sounding cheesy or insincere. It’s a perfect example of Canadian hip hop.

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