Faith Healer


Try ;-) // Mint

Jessica Jalbert’s second outing as Faith Healer moves past the 60's psych of Cosmic Troubles to expand into 70’s rock territory. Past elements still exist like in “Light Of Loving” which is easily the most psychedelic song in her library. She also ventures down a brand new path with the swirling synths of “Sterling Silver” that offer up a warm bedroom-pop sound. The majority of the album leans heavily on classic rock, which is fitting of the more positive vibe found within the lyrical content. The album’s title Try ;-)  offers a hint of a theme throughout the tracks, one that is optimistic and enlightened… to try. From the jangly piano on “2nd Time” to the frenetic solo at the end “Suffering Creature” and the all out 70’s rock homage of “Might As Well”, Jalbert uses a more upbeat approach to musically affirm the positive sentiment. It’s a smart decision that is expertly executed with the help of new member, Renny Wilson. Oftentimes an artist will try to re-create the magic of their debut for the second release and this is met with failure so often that the term “sophomore slump” was created. Faith Healer avoids the slump by offering a fresh take on the project, one that pushes forward in new directions and shows the ability to be more than a one note project. By living the idea that the album is named after, Jessica Jalbert has succeeded in delivering another bundle of timeless songs.

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